Bike Insurance Cheap

bike insurance cheap

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Scooter Exif

Scooter Exif

One of my favourite sites is Australian motorcycle blog Bike Exif. The site features great photos of a wide variety of bikes, usually with a good story as well.

While this 2003 Yamaha Vino is too small to be featured on Bike Exif, it does have quite the story behind it. I have owned it in pieces since July 2007, but this is the first time it has been licenced and running in BC. My friend Steve was the original owner in Manitoba, and did a whole bunch of custom work to it before I got it. Some custom body work and metal polishing, an aftermarket tail light, OEM low-profile signals from Japan, plus a couple of engine mods. When Steve disassembled the scooter to do this work, it had only 1,121 km on the clock.

Getting tired of moving the pieces, I had Skylar help me clean the carburetor and get it going. We were somewhat surprised that it got going quite easily after priming the cylinder with fuel. It smoked a lot for the first couple hours of riding, but I think that was just oil stuck in the muffler from my few attempts at starting it with a gummed up carb over the years.

Once it was going I was stoked, and found enough screws to re-attach the body and get the electrical working. Again, this all went quite smoothly. I had to re-connect some wires at the rear end, but up front all the original wiring was good to go. The headlight, signals, horn, and fuel gauge all work! It's a blast to ride and the insurance is super cheap... it could even end up saving me some money over the fuel-thirsty F150.

IMG 0766-Jersey rental car

IMG 0766-Jersey rental car

My rental car in Jersey for the 3 days. My initial plan was to ride a bike around the island instead of drive. But, after talking to my colleague, I thought I might as well try driving since the island is pretty small and the speed limit is 40mph, so I think I should be quite alright. And I was alone! My plan was to try to memorise as much as I can the route I am going to take before I drive and to know where I want to go. It works pretty well hehe though I did have quite abit of a problem getting to some of the places - for e.g. I still did not manage to find Grosnez Point at the north-western point of the island and each time I tried to get there, I got lost, especially between the north-west and north-east of the country. I got lost there once at night and I keep driving around in circles! And there's nothing there other than woods.

But, I did enjoy driving very much and on the last day, it was raining for the whole afternoon and I couldn't do much so I drove around the island before going to the airport for my flight.

It is a really nice experience and I'm glad for the car cos otherwise I would be dead tired from the cycling and walking and wouldn't be able to see as much as I did, especially the many coastal areas. And this is a fun car to drive. Too bad, it's way beyond my budget. But, I did get a Ford car though, a Ford KA - small and cheap! Not only in terms of the cost of the car, but also in terms of road tax, insurance, petrol, etc.

bike insurance cheap

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